Congratulations! You Made The List...

Hey it’s Rob and I want to congratulate you on making it in on the “Early Bird” list…

Let me share a few things with you about the Blitz Wholesaling System.


First, BLITZ Wholesaling is NOT JUST A SIMPLE REHASHED TRAINING, in fact, it is the personal, “internal” business system that I use to wholesale houses in multiple cities all across the country.  Inside the training, I go into great detail to help you IDENTIFY and PICK the best cities to wholesale houses (because NOT all cities are the same).

Have you ever wondered how you could wholesale houses without EVER estimating a houses ARV Value?  Without ever estimating the fix-up cost of a rehab?  And without ever seeing a property, meeting a buyer and while spending “ZERO DOLLARS” on marketing?

I reveal everything inside BLITZ Wholesaling!

It’s important for you to realize that if you are ONLY doing business in your local city, you ARE severely limiting your income and, depending on your local market conditions (which you’ll understand even more inside the 2 research modules in the training), you could be killing your chances of success — it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced OR brand new.

Inside the Blitz Wholesaling System, you’ll get my step-by-step market selection process, how to launch a wholesaling operation in ANY city, how to find deals & buyers fast, how to build a team that does all the work for you PLUS all of the pitfalls, questions and short-cuts I’ve learned in over 10+ years doing this.

Second, I’m ONLY OPENING A VERY LIMITED NUMBER of “VIP-Release” Spots to the BLITZ Wholesaling System AND that means, several things:

  • This means you can get access WAY BEFORE the general public
  • This means you work directly with me for 6 weeks to learn the entire system
  • This means you get a HUGE DISCOUNT off the “coming release” price
  • …Plus a whole lot more I can share later…

…BUT, the “VIP-Release Package” is only going to available for a LIMITED NUMBER (and when they’re gone they’re gone) so if you want in, you need to be one of the first to take action.

That’s just the simple really.

I’ve done this for 10+ years AND in the past 3 weeks I have personally launched 2 new wholesaling cities (what other so-called “Guru” has done that?) — So I know EXACTLY how to do it (in TODAY’S market) and will show you everything you need to know.

Keep your eyes open when I re-open the doors and additional seats open up BECAUSE they’ll be gone in a hurry.

Now go flip a house (…or 5),


Rob Swanson