Are You Still Trying To Sell "Real Estate Investing" When Google Trends Shows The Number Of People Interested Is Dropping Every Month?

Here's What Google Is Telling You Your Future Customers "ACTUALLY" Want...

The number of people searching for, interested in and wanting “real estate investing” AND the other BIG make money niche “internet marketing” has been steadily dropping year after year (even with an increase in News Reference for the IM niche)…TAKE A LOOK:

:: Google Trends For “Real Estate Investing”

Real Estate Investing Trends

:: Google Trends For “Internet Marketing”

Internet Marketing Trends

Now, the idea of work from home is not as pronounced in it’s drop, but over the past 4 years (since the economic collapse), you can definitely see a “drop” in the total search interest.

Take a look at this…

:: Google Trends For “Work From Home”

Work From Home Trends

…this is where it starts to get interesting

If people aren’t thinking REI, IM or WFH.  What are they thinking?  Or more importantly, “How are they thinking?”

Take a look…

:: Google Trends For “Make Money”

Make Money Trends

Mmmmm…A nice steady climb.  At the point in which REI, IM and WFH started their decline, people started thinking “Make Money”.  But an interesting thought surfaces, does that suggest that they DISASSOCIATED real estate investing, internet marketing and work from home as the ways to make money?

Look at this.

:: Google Trends For “Make Money From Home”

Make Money From Home

…so while we saw that people may not “really” want to WORK from home, they do want to MAKE MONEY and the idea of making money from home has been holding an albeit slight, but pretty steady upward trend…

BUT there’s more to all of this.  See all this information is simply presenting a pattern of thought.  It’s the answer to the question “How Are People Thinking” — (and it’s all simply based on the actions people are taking online).

Check this out:

:: Google Trends For “Make Extra Money”

Make Extra Money

Ok, now we are talking right?

More than making money.

More than making money from home.

People TODAY want to “make EXTRA money”.  Interesting right?

And, while people seem to be less interested in working from home and they seem to be more interested in making money, take a look at this…

:: Google Trends For “Quit My Job”

Quit My Job Trends

People want to QUIT THEIR JOB.

So doesn’t it appear that the thought process of people over the past few years has landed on the idea that, “If I can ‘make EXTRA money’ THEN I can QUIT my JOB.”

Pretty cool right?

Use this “how people think” information in your marketing and you’ll connect to a greater MINDSET inside your audience, you’ll sell more products and only then can you really help more people

…use the information during product creation

…use the information to write all of your copy

…use the information to connect to your audience

I hope this helps you think “differently” about how your message connects to your audience.

That’s How I Created Blitz Wholesaling

I designed the Blitz Wholesaling System, product and promotion, to connect to the mindset of people.  It seems people don’t REALLY want “real estate investing” because they don’t necessarily connect that to achieving their goals.

The “Raving Fans” that have been created inside the BWS since I did my first 24 hour launch on July 3 have been absolutely great.  The message connected.  People bought and have taken massive action.

Two promotions to my list have done a $10+ EPC just under a <5% refund rate.  I’ve got all the details you’ll want.

Love to have you onboard as an affiliate.  Hit me up today and I hope this information helps you in your own business.